EFN in partnership with OSHA

EFN in partnership with OSHA

Posted on March 19, 2021

The EFN is pleased to announce that it has been acknowledged as Official Campaign Partner of the ‘Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign 2020-22’ of OSHA – the European Information Agency for Occupational Safety and Health, with the main aim to create a safe workplace to improve trust and safety in all workers.

For years, the EFN has been working to promote and protect nurses and the nursing profession and this partnership with OSHA will allow improving their working conditions and their safety. This is an ambitious and important goal for improving the working conditions for all healthcare professionals, above all nurses, with more equipment and greater safety. This campaign is an important starting point to create a working place where nurses and all the healthcare workers feel safe and protected.

Every day, nurses are exposed to several health and safety risks when taking care of others. This Covid-19 pandemic highlighted extensively the difficulties and the obstacles suffered in unsafe workplace. It is essential to create and promote a healthy environment where people are protected. A safe and healthy workplace for nurses means better care and protection for citizens/patients.

OSHA organizes and promotes campaigns to disclose advice and best practices to create an environment that cares about the health of providers, including 3 million EU nurses. A safe working environment in which nurses are protected means better patient/citizens health outcomes and a greater satisfaction of employers and employees.