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Until the end of 2011, the EFN has been a key player in helping the coordinator (HAS-France) and the work package leaders in designing the process and last versions of content of the Joint Action prior the European Commission evaluation. In general term, this Joint Action aims to strengthen cooperation between Member States, international organisations and EU stakeholders on issues related to quality of healthcare. One of the main objectives is the creation of a permanent network for Patient Safety in Europe that will reflect on principles of good quality healthcare, patient safety and patient involvement.

By sharing experiences and solutions in patient safety and related aspects of quality of care, the EU Member States, the regions, and the healthcare facilities can benefit from the knowledge of the others. A selection of good practices will be made, with a preference for those that are relevant for most Member States and their respective healthcare systems.

This work should also contribute to the establishment of national patient safety and quality networks or platforms involving all relevant national stakeholders. In the long run, this voluntary exchange of experiences may lead to a peer review system for quality management systems in healthcare. This approach will build on the work of EUNetPaS in which the EFN was actively involved.

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PaSQ Newsletters:


 EFN Webinar on Medication Reconciliation on 21 March 2014

In the framework of the Joint Action on Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ), the EFN organised a webinar on Medication Reconciliation, gathering together different speakers, ranging from all Health Professions involved in Medication Reconciliation (MR), examples of designing eHealth tools to reconcile medication, but more importantly the patients and students having a clear view on the importance of MR. The main topics were: “How MedRec is tackled in Romania”, “Students’ perspective on MedRec”, “Pharmacists’ role in MedRec”, “Innovation for improving MedRec”, “eCare, a way forward to improve MedRec”, “MedRec in “Antibiotic program”, “Engaging patients and families in MedRec” and “Nurses’ perspective on MedRec”.

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PRESENTATION: Medication Reconciliation webinar 
RECORDED MATERIALS: Web audio/video recording