Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: paving the way with standardisation

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: paving the way with standardisation

Posted on October 27, 2020

The EFN attends a virtual workshop organised by CEN-CENELEC to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be applied to healthcare settings, and the role that standardisation plays. 

AI has become one of the top strategic priorities and a key driving force of economic growth. The potential of this game-changing technology in the healthcare sector will make a huge difference for both professionals and patients. 

There are many ways in which AI applications can be applied to healthcare, providing benefit for all stakeholders involved: nurses, patients, and other healthcare professionals. However, they all need to take into account existing EU-wide regulatory frameworks and end-user practices and preferences. In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, AI may be supportive in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare systems, while accelerating the digitalisation of healthcare. 

Globally, digital health is quickly developing, but there is a need among stakeholders of having reliable European and international standards that can build trust and promote transparency.

During the workshop, the EFN Secretary General intervened to remind the audience present (over 150 participants) of the importance of co-creation and co-design with the nursing workforce. As the nurses are the largest healthcare profession of all, their right involvement in new AI tools is essential for the latter to be fit-for-purpose and successfully deployed. Benchmarks in health apps are needed to ensure that end-users make informed decisions. In the end, all links to the issue of “trust”.