Smart4Health partners meet in Potsdam, Germany, for their 3rd General Meeting

Smart4Health partners meet in Potsdam, Germany, for their 3rd General Meeting

Posted on January 23, 2020

The partners of the H2020 EU project Smart4Health – Citizen-Centred EU-EHR Exchange for Personalised Health, met in Potsdam, Germany, for a 2-days’ meeting organised by HPI (Hasso Plattner Institute) – 22 and 23 January.

This meeting was an excellent opportunity for all partners to exchange views and reflect on all that has been achieved by the project during its first year of life – concretely some mock-ups of the platform being developed, the refinement of some “citizen-use cases” around which the platform will address specific needs of potential users, and some details about the future’s app architecture. Despite its underlying complexity, it will be fit-for-purpose and user-friendly. Finally, partners discussed and agreed on all that is needed to achieve during the second year of the project.

The digitalisation of healthcare is of the utmost importance to support citizens, patients, and healthcare professionals. As such, new tools such as the on-line platform and app being developed by the Smart4Health project will improve health outcomes to those groups, while improving the health and social care ecosystems in the EU. In this context, the EFN is participating in this project providing nursing end-user input, as well as nurses’ requirements, and fostering a process of co-creation between all partners. Moreover, the EFN is also actively disseminating this project and its outcomes in front of the EU institutions and other health stakeholders.

As an end-user partner in the project, the EFN has been very committed to the project, providing policy expertise in co-creation and nurses’ requirements, upscaling the views of the 3 million EU nurses the EFN represents through its Membership.