3rd Transnational Meeting of QualMent project

3rd Transnational Meeting of QualMent project

Posted on November 6, 2019

The QualMent project partners met in the premises of Alicante University, in Spain, for their 3rd Transnational meeting to discuss the ongoing work and the latest developments of the project, ensuring that future steps are taken in a coordinated manner. Addressing the clinical mentor’s lack in nursing education and developing a clinical mentor’s competence with mentor education for national and international nursing students, it is key that frontline mentors participate in the co-design of these mentorship courses.

The latest project’s developments are relating to the three-course modules:

  • Module I, which is an introduction to mentorship in nursing.
  • Module II, which deepens into cultural and linguistic diversity in mentoring of nursing students.
  • Module III, which reflects in the mentoring competency in assessment, and reflective discussion.

In parallel to these three modules, project partners discussed the training materials to be used as a complement that allows clinical mentors and nursing students to deepen further into those.

One of the key training materials of Module I is the EFN’s Competency Framework. This document relates to the Directive on Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (2005/36/EC, amended in the Directive 2013/55/EU), which includes a set of 8 competences establishing the minimum educational requirements for nurses responsible of general care (article 31, paragraph 7). These are legally binding for all EU Member States. The EFN Competency Framework breaks down each of these competencies into more detailed competency areas, describing what is expected to be achieved with the competences.