2nd Transnational meeting of QualMent EU project in Oulu, Finland

2nd Transnational meeting of QualMent EU project in Oulu, Finland

Posted on April 8, 2019

Meeting in Oulu, Finland, for the 2nd Transnational meeting of the QualMent EU project, the EFN and other partners had the opportunity to take the Intellectual Outputs further.

There is an ongoing debate on nursing teachers’ competencies for supporting nursing students in clinical placements, however, there is not an agreement at what these exactly are: clarifying what these competences are is essential to ensure that nursing students receive quality training and know what to expect from their professor and mentors. The QualMent project aims to fill this gap by creating a theoretical model of competences and an educational course composed of three modules. Of course, any development made in this area must comply with the Directive 2013/55/EU and more specific article 31 which comprises 8 competencies as legal EU text.  This Directive is facilitated through the EFN Competency framework elaborating these 8 EU competences so nursing students curricula are in compliance with EU legislation. The project’s outcome will foster alignment and strengthening of these competencies.

During the meeting in Oulu, the project’s partners discussed the theoretical clinical mentors’ competence draft model, coming up with ideas on how to improve the existing draft, going for test through factor analysis. We also agreed on a preliminary planning of the content, implementation (face-to-face and virtual) and materials of the three modules of the educational course modules, namely, Module1: General module in mentoring competence, incorporating the 8 Directive 55 competencies, Module 2: Mentoring competence of CALD students, and Module 3: Mentoring competence in evaluation and reflective discussion. Finally, all the work carried out by the EFN in terms of disseminating the project was discussed with the partners. The second edition is coming out in coming days!

The next meeting (3rd Transnational meeting) will take place in Alicante (Spain), on 4-5 November 2019.